Losing Your Self Sense of Identity When You Become a Mom

Becoming a mother is a profound transformation that extends beyond physical changes to encompass shifts in identity and self-perception. Many new mothers experience a sense of identity loss, which can trigger feelings of isolation and sadness. At the Postpartum Depression Alliance of Illinois, we understand that while motherhood is celebrated, the silent struggles concerning personal identity should also be acknowledged and addressed. 

Our objective is to promote awareness, prevention, and treatment of maternal mental health issues across Illinois, with a particular focus on guiding mothers through this significant life transition. This article delves into why and how new mothers might lose their sense of self, the impact this has, and effective ways to navigate and recover personal identity while embarking on the journey of motherhood.

This article covers the following topics:

Understanding the Roots of Identity Loss in New Mothers

The Impact of Hormonal Changes and Social Isolation

Navigating the Shift: Strategies to Reclaim Identity

Going Back To Work & Personal Identify

Balancing Motherhood and Personal Growth

Strategies to Reclaim and Reinforce Your Sense of Self

The Role of Therapy in Restoring Identity

5 Strategic Ways To Begin Reclaiming One’s Sense of Self


Losing Your Self Sense of Identity When You Become a Mom

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If you are experiencing postpartum anxiety or depression please share this articles with partners and friends who ask to help:

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In embracing motherhood, remember that it’s a chapter that adds to your life, not one that replaces the essence of who you are. At Postpartum Depression Alliance of Illinois, we are committed to supporting mothers through this profound transition, helping them to retain and rediscover their identities. By recognizing the challenges and embracing the growth that motherhood brings, you can navigate this journey with confidence and grace.

If you’re struggling with feelings of identity loss or other maternal mental health issues, remember you are not alone. We encourage you to explore the resources available at Postpartum Depression Alliance of Illinois and seek the support you need. Let our support volunteers  help you find your balance, reclaim your identity, and enjoy the journey of motherhood with all its facets. Together, let’s build a community where every mother’s identity is celebrated and supported.

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