legislation-illinois-senate-bill-15-2007HB 2438

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It calls for early screening of postpartum depression by front-line health workers such as pediatricians, primary care doctors, nurse practitioners and obstetricians.


Medicaid covers PPD screenings and treatment. Screening for perinatal depression using an approved instrument is reimbursable for women enrolled in health care and family services, from pregnancy through one year after delivery. If women are screened by a provider during their infant’s well-child and episodic visits, the screening can be reimbursed through the infant’s coverage. Infants and toddlers of mothers with mental health diagnoses (including depression) are automatically eligible for the early intervention program.

Through a contract with its managed care organizations and its primary care case management network, Illinois requires prenatal and postpartum depression screening using an approved validated, standardized tool, referral, and treatment, as well as ongoing monitoring and tracking for enrollees. A complementary state law requires that women and their families be educated about perinatal mental health disorders in prenatal and labor and delivery settings, and that women be invited to take an assessment questionnaire in prenatal, postnatal, and pediatric care settings.


The Perinatal Mental Health Consultation Service operated by the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the state, in partnership with the Illinois Chapter of the Academy of Pediatrics and the Academy of Family Physicians offers provider consultative services and education and training to clinicians across disciplines to develop competencies in assessment and treatment of maternal depression. The education and quality improvement initiatives also include a pilot to develop a stepped care model; it includes self-care kits to be disseminated statewide that provide information on when and where to access resources. The state is also piloting a tool to assess risk at the preconception and interconception stages. The initiative also includes support for postpartum depression crisis intervention through hotlines.

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